Fueltank UNO: Portable Gadget Charger Device [CES 2010]

fueltank uno charging gadget

Running through the CES 2010 booths, we ran across many new gadgets and devices but also various portable chargers for quick charging on the go. One of the ones we saw is the Fueltank UNO from Callpod, which is an extremely portable battery/charger that along with the different adapters, is a highly practical gadget charger. It is from the makers of the Charegpod, the versatile charging station we saw some time back.

We ended up trying out the Fueltank UNO and see how easy it is to use, whether it really packs the power and if we end up having to use it….we ended up loving it.

The Fueltank UNO looks like a portable battery that is really convenient in size and needs no introduction. It easily plugs in to charge while you are at home, in the hotel room and want to make sure it is charged up, so it is available when needed. We actually tried it out on our International flight after the CES and it worked like a charm, charging both our iPhones…since the battery was running out after choosing to watch the movies on the iPhone instead of the In Flight Entertainment.

fueltank uno charging device

Since the Fuetank UNO was already charged up in the Hotel Room we stayed at in Las Vegas, it was ready for its proper use. It easily plugs into the iPhone and has a lock mechanism on the adapter, so it doesn’t simply pull out. Although I haven’t timed the charging, I must say that it was as quick as plugging the iPhone straight into the Wall (and perhaps even quicker).

Once the first iPhone was fully  charged, we pressed the Fueltank UNO button that shows by its lights how much power is left in the tank. There was sufficient amount left for teh second iPhone and therefore we repeated the process until it was fully charged as well.

callpod travel charger

We ended up arriving at our destination with two fully charged iPhones after watching a number of movies, listening to music, and playing games on our iPhones. This is all thanks to the Fueltank UNO portable gadget charger.

Best of all, the Fueltank Uno is only $49.95 and comes with the iPhone/iPod adapter, Mini USB adapter, a carrying pouch and the ability for many other adapters, so your Gadgets could always be powered back up when on the go.

callpod fueltank uno