Fujifilm Announces Instax Mini 11 Instant Camera

Instax Mini 11

Those who take selfies often will be pleased to learn that Fujifilm has announced its Instax Mini 11 instant camera. This camera comes with multiple controls, and users can influence every aspect of their selfies. It harkens back to the good old days of analog photography. All one needs to do is to point-and-shoot and one will get instant photographs. This camera will be available sometime in March and will cost only $70.

Here are some of the more specific features of the Instax Mini 11 instant camera:

One no longer needs to manually change exposure dial. Instax Mini 11 instant camera the changes on its own. This results in fewer waisted shots. As a result photographers will be able to take pictures that are of better quality. In addition each shot will likely cost only between 60 and 70 cents. This also translates to more affordable instant photography. 

What makes Instax Mini 11 instant camera special?

This camera comes with a selfie mode which was not there in the previous models. Older versions required users to attach a snap on lens in order to take selfies. To make selfies look better the manufacturers have attached a small camera so that users can look at themselves before clicking on the snap button. The selfie mode is also a good feature for taking better pictures of subjects that are close by. 

Instax Mini 11 instant camera uses the same instant film cartridges as its predecessors do. It prints photographs of the dimension 3.4 by 2.1 inches (86 by 54 millimeters). As this camera is compact it can be easily carried around by travelers, tourists and even users are out on the town. Available colors include purple, white, grey, pink and blue. 

Instant cameras are still around, despite smartphone cameras

It is interesting to note that digital cameras have almost disappeared from the market ever since smart phones came into being. However, instant film cameras are still around and they continue to be popular among those who are nostalgic and also those who seek convenience and excellent quality of pictures. The release date is approaching soon and once Fujifilm launches it, it will become very popular among everyday users. The way things look, it might even be used by professionals who prefer taking quick pictures that are of high-quality.