10 Funny Gift ideas To Buy Your Silly Dad

When I think about silly dads, the first TV dad that comes to mind, is Phil Dunphy, played by the talented Ty Burrell on Modern Family.


When researching the gift ideas for this post, I asked myself: If I needed to get Phil Dunphy a Christmas gift, what would it be? You can see my answers in the 10 gift ideas below. If your dad could use a good laugh or he’s just one of those dads that are super cool and feels like a 13-years-old, I think you’ll find something for him here.

Fifty Shades of Chicken: A Parody in a Cookbook


What can we say about this book? It’s a very funny parody of “Fifty Shades of Grey”, written from the perspective of a hen, and ye,s the tone of the book is also erotic; this is going to be hilarious!. You can get this funny book as a hard copy or for kindle on Amazon.

 The Umbrella Hat


All you need to do after buying your dad this umbrella hat, is to make sure you are not near him when he actually wears it.

Horse Head Mask


Need I say more? Your silly dad will freak out (in a good way) over this funny mask.

Coffee Makes Me Poop


Honesty is the best policy. If your dad loves coffee, this mug can be a great gift for him.

 Beer Can Belt


For dads who love beer and BBQ, this Beer Can Belt is just useful & funny. Imagine your dad rocking this belt at his next dinner party; he will love it, and some of his guests probably will too.

Men’s Vader Crew Socks


Your dad loves Star Wars? A cool and funny gift like Darth Vader socks can do the trick. If your dad also has a serious job, He can wear this awesome pair to his next meeting. Let his inner geek come out with these funny socks.

Talking Toilet Paper


Just when you thought it couldn’t get any funnier we found this little Talking Toilet Paper. Basically what it does is play your personalized message when a person pulls the toilet paper. Imagine the laughter possibilities here. 

 Potty Mat Golf Game

potty-mat-golf-game-funny-silly-dad-gift-ideasI never understood why men love to sit in the toilets for hours. For some reason, they do. So why just read a magazine? Put that spent time to good use and practice your golf skills. You can get it on Amazon.

Superman Snuggie – Throw with Sleeves


Give your dad the opportunity to feel like a super vigilante while laying on his couch .You can get this cool throw here.

Good Day, Bad Day – Funny Glass


Even easy-going fun dads can have a bad day, right? This is the glass that will bright up their evening after a long day at work. This funny glass can be a great way to unwind and close the day in style.


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