Furniture Made out of Steam Trunks

For many of us, although furniture has a decorative element, it’s there primarily to do a job. Restoration Hardware, however, has introduced a complete furniture set made out of steamer trunks.

Steamer trunks recall the days when people crossed oceans on big boats instead of planes, when there was still an air of romance about travel.

These trunks give your room that vintage look every hipster wants. You can pretend that you’re on a ship, even if you’re well inland.


The furniture isn’t cheap. The cheapest steamer trunk will set you back $795. The desk pictured above costs $2,150. A number of different pieces of furniture are avaiable, from trunks to bookshelves to TV stands.


The armoire depicted above is made out of distresses old saddle black leather over a wood frame. It has over 3,000 hand-hammered brass nailheads. Every piece of furniture in this collection is unique, with all the imperfections you’d expect in real old trunk.


This TV stand is made out of metal and has drawers to put all your media in: your movies, games and snacks. With a flat-panel TV, it’s a good mix of early 20th century style and 21st century technology. If you really wanted to get into a nautical mood, you could put on “Titanic.”

These designs, crafted by furniture dealer and antiques maker Timothy Oulton of London, will add a neat vintage touchto your home, and if you happen to live on a boat like MacGyver, you can make add an even greater touch of class. Of course, MacGyver would probably build his own trunks out of newspaper and chewing gum. If you aren’t willing to find any actual old steamer trunks in your grandparents’ attic, this might be the next best.

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via: Boing Boing