Good News, Everyone! You’ll Love These Futurama Plushies

You don’t need to be a booze-swilling robot from the 31st century to recognize the fact that Fox’s decision to “let go” of Futurama back in 2003 was a major misstep.

Thankfully, after a handful of one-off straight to DVD movies (really, movie-length episodes,) the show, featuring the original Planet Express gang, was picked up by Comedy Central and has been going strong since the Spring of 2008. With season seven just around the corner, set to air in late June, why not take the opportunity to show your support for the show and get your hands on some out of this world Futurama memorabilia.

While the cliché saying “you know you’ve made it when you have your own action figure” generally comes to mind when discussing merchandise – and there are some great Futurama figures out there – we’re highlighting a batch that are markedly more huggable this time around with this series of 11-inch Futurama plushies ($24.99.)

Product: $24.99

First up, and previously hinted at, everyone’s favorite loudmouthed and indescribably lovable robot, Bender. Complete with squishy head antenna and what I presume to be his trademarked annoyed or belching (the two are interchangeable really) face, this is one bending robot that is better suited for the home office than for work on the factory floor (leave the dirty stuff to the yet-to-be-made Flexo plush.)

Product: $24.99

“Hooray! Now I’m the center of attention.” Yes Dr. Zoidberg. Seriously, you must have known that he’d be making an appearance on this list; besides, he would have shown up whether he was invited to or not. As much as he’s made the fool of in the series, deservedly so, no Futurama fan’s collection is complete without some Zoidberg schwag. On the bright side, at least the folks at Entertainment Earth caught him before mating season, right?

Product: $24.99

Adorned in his fashionable red cape, yellow booties, and elegant diaper, Nibbler – the Nibblonian ambassador to Earth – has never looked so cuddly. The sheer fact that I referred to him as being cuddly proves that his guise as a defenseless pet is a success.

For more Futurama goodness, be sure to check out this Bender Keg Cooler and eerily accurate custom Lego Futurama figures.

Via: Entertainment Earth