Turn into a Skilled Designer with the Game, App & Web Design Bundle

If you’re not satisfied with your design skills, or if this is completely uncharted territory for you, Walyou Deals’ game, app and web design bundle may be exactly what you need to get on the right path.

New skills represent an easy way to either land a job or pave the way to a promotion, and as far as the usefulness of such skills goes, not many things can beat the ones that involve designing games, apps and web design. These free aspects affect many aspects of our lives, and there are plenty startups out there looking for talented designers, but to get there, you probably need to take some very expensive courses. Or do you? The game, app and Web design bundle in question is offered by Walyou Deals with a 97% discount of the retail value, so you don’t have to pay an arm and a leg for it.

The Web design course, $777 in value, includes 20 hours of instructional videos at the end of which you should know more than just the basics of HTML5, CSS3 and advanced WordPress templating.

Up next, the app design course features 15 hours of instructions that can help you understand the basics of app design, regardless if you’re planning to develop apps for Android or Apple. At the end of the development process, you’ll also learn how to post your app to Google’s Play Store or Apple’s iTunes store. Most importantly, you’ll know how to create apps from scratch, so once you get the gist of it, you can perfect the skill by developing even more apps.

The game design course focuses on Unity 3D, the ideal tool for creating, programming and refining your own mobile game. At the end of the 15 hours of expert instructions, you’ll know the history, climate and principles of game design, and you’ll be able to code, test and deploy your game to Apple, Google and Windows app stores.

When it comes to content management systems, WordPress is some sort of Swiss knife, as it is extremely flexible and can accommodate many needs without consuming a lot of resources. Even though this is only a basic WordPress course, it covers many aspects of managing content, maintaining and updating sites, and exploring crucial plugins for the WordPress installation. After 20 hours of instructional videos, you’ll get to promote your design skills on the Web. All you need to do next is buy a domain and get the registrar to host it or host it yourself on a NAS, or even on Dropbox.

The value of Skillsology’s game, app, and web design bundle can’t be denied. It can only be complemented by someone’s desire to learn something new or to get better at what they already know, and if that someone is you, go to Walyou Deals and get the bundle for $49. You need to hurry, though, as the offer ends at midnight today (Jan 5).

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