Game of Thrones’ Intro Comes To The Mushroom Kingdom

Super Mario is coming. And so are the rest of his cohorts in this inspired take of the Game of Thrones’ opening that is a must see.

Super Mario Game of Thrones image

Thanks to the huge runaway success of HBO’s Game of Thrones, there have been parodies of the fantasy series as far as the eye can see. Perhaps too many of them? Nonsense! Especially considering this latest one is a pièce de résistance, infusing the world of Nintendo’s famous plumber into the Game of Thrones’ opening.

YouTube member NicksplosionFX brings us this brilliant video remix, complete with a chiptune version of the Game of Thrones’ intro music that’s honey to the ears, and chock full of spiffy references from both fictional universes. Just some masterful video editing on the part of Nick here – the kind even young, sourpuss Joffery would be impressed by.

I totally dig the use of Super Mario World as Nick’s starting port for his epic recreation. As for the video itself, well, it’s dang amazing. Then again, most of Nick’s video creations are bad ass, and worth checking out over at his YouTube channel.

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