i3D Hologram: Three Dimensional Communication

Technology is developing at such a rapid rate that it is becoming difficult to keep pace with it. There was a time when letters were the only means of distant communication. With newer concepts being developed, now we have video chat which makes it possible to see a person live in chat from any corner of the world. If the 3D hologram application idea for iPad turns into a reality, we will soon be seeing a holographic image of the person right in front of us – something similar to the Star Wars movies.

On a general note, the real world is inching towards the fiction world. This can be seen in the new technological advancements taking place almost every day. If the 3D hologram concept turns into reality it will mean a major change in the means of communication.

According to Obishwar Kano, co-founder and CEO of Yeahright Apps, he was greatly impressed by the holographic message of Princess Leia in Star Wars. The impression it left on him turned into an inspiration to try it out in the real world. As a child, he visualized communication in 3D form. The iPad gave him an opportunity to realize his dream.

Kano has named this application i3D, aptly suiting an iPad application. He does not give any definite date for its launch since there are a number of processes yet to be completed before it can be made ready for the iPad users. Besides, he also awaits approval on a patent application.

This is not the first time the iPad has inspired other companies to create applications for it. To name a few there has been iMockups by Endloops Systems, Adobe Ideas from Adobe, Masque by Ubermind, and Sketchbook Pro from Autodesk Inc. There are many more out there and a lot many more being designed in studios. Such is the popularity of the iPad.

With regards to the i3D, the makers are not willing to reveal much about the product yet. They have given a brief idea about its functions. According to them, this application creates an optical illusion using unique touch screen technology. This is very unlike the traditionally holography methods.

Approval processes get completed over a period of time and if it involves something as wonderful as a holographic application it is sure to be quick. Communicating with a three dimensional figure is something that was only supposed to be in science fiction. When launched in the real world it will be like a dream come true to all.

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Via: My Guy of Kind