So Here’s a Story From A To Z: The Gamer’s Alphabet

Alright, if you were expecting a post about the Spice Girls then you’re about to be sorely disappointed. Instead though, I present to you something that will melt your callous 8-bit hearts. If you’ve every been concerned that you might not be able to relate to your own children (they break your glasses, kick sand in your face and call you a nerd), then you should start by making them an adorable Gamer’s Alphabet book.

The Cover

This book was created by forum member El Jeffe from and was made entirely by hand. He lovingly dedicates the book to Madelyn, presumably his daughter or niece, in the hopes that “Someday, perhaps you’ll get all the references.” Awwwwww.

Dedicated to

The very first page, if you can read it, is a sweet and endearing parody of the nonsensical and seemingly arbitrary numbers usually found among the publishing information. According the the original post, he used sturdy printer paper and spray-on glue for the actual book and all the pictures were drawn by hand in pencil, scanned to photoshop and finished with a brush tool to give the crayon scribble effect. Here are a few examples of some of the actual letter entries:







I think by now, you get the idea. It’s too bad that I’ll never be half as creative as Jeff, and so, my kids will inevitably be stuck reading about hungry caterpillars and rainbow fish. A copy of “Oh! The Places You’ll Go” with a hand-written message on the front flap will be the most personalized book I ever give. I’m sure that if El Jeffe starting selling these books, they would become a huge success (ahem … hint … recommend … command you). El Jeffe, please open up an Etsy shop and do this immediately.

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Via: Penny-arcade, El Jeff’s Post.