Knikas Marble Table: Rolling Over Marbles

As a kid you must have been proud of your marble collection. The box full of marbles must have been an object of envy for your friends and cousins. Now you have an opportunity to flaunt your marble collection, and with a job to perform.

What purpose could your marbles have in your living room, or for that matter any room? Take a look at the Knikas Marble Table and you will get your answer. The transparent top of this table gives a clear view of the twelve thousand marbles lying throughout its length and breadth. It consists of eight storage drawers and these entire compartments roll in and out aided by these marbles. There is no complicated channel and rolling system screwed to the table but a layer of marbles that fulfill the purpose.

This marble table has been designed by the industrial designer Lucas Muñoz for the Madrid based design studio Estudio Enpieza. The entire structure is made of welded iron and glass boards and holds eight methacrylate drawers. Since the entire top is transparent the marbles present a strikingly colorful view. And with each roll the view is bound to change, giving you a brand new and fantastic look every time you use your drawers. You could never have that novelty with any other table.

Another feature that makes this table so special is the fact that the entire structure is handmade. Unlike machine made goods this table has its own unique identity. Every piece will be different since handmade things do not carry the monotonous effect of machines. And it is minor things like these that make something special. The world has already seen scores of inventions and discoveries. Creating something altogether new is hardly possible. However, what makes the difference is the approach. A small addition here and a small subtraction there can bring about a world of difference.

In the case of the ‘knikas’ the brains of a designer went rolling and there he had the idea of putting playing marbles to a completely new use. Covering the table with marbles was a novel idea. The sliding channels were done away with and there was no need to use screws and hammers. Since marbles present a remarkable view there was every need to bring these to the forefront, hence the glass table.

With the table top being absolutely transparent there could not have been a better definition for transparency. Do not use this table to store your secrets. On one hand everything will be visible and on the other it will proclaim aloud every time you open or close it. Whatever the case, it is sure an object of desire.

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Via: enPieza