Gamescom 2012: Capcom & Dontnod Announce Remember Me

Capcom and Dontnod Entertainment team-up for Remember Me, a new cyberpunk action-adventure title for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC.

Remember Me Nilin Image

Hmm, a cyberpunk setting and a fierce-looking heroine who kicks lots of butt? Reminds me of the Anime Ghost in the Shell (the lead character kind of reminds me of “The Major” even), and perhaps that’s one of the keen influences going on in Remember Me. It’s Capcom newest action-adventure game, which just received its first public appearance, Tuesday, at Gamescom.

Okay, technically, that last bit is not really true. Remember Me was once a game called Adrift and actually made its debut at Gamescom 2011 (the name was later changed to better fit with the game’s grand premise, which we’ll get into soon enough.) But even more hair-raising though, is that this project began life as a PlayStation 3 exclusive.

What a long and winding road fresh-faced Dontnod Entertainment has taken just to get this title published. Who notably, will be the major creative catalyst behind Remember Me – Capcom is playing the supervising/publisher role in this instance, much like with Ninja Theory’s take on DmC –  and is loosely marked down for a 2013 release on the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC.

Remember Me Neo Paris Image

As it would have it, Remember Me’s futuristic backdrop is Paris (Neo Paris as its referenced in the official press release), where cheeky enough, the Dontnod studios are located. We’re talking the way distant year 2084 though, a future where memories can be bought or sold. You’ll play as Nilin, a highly-skilled female agent whose day-to-day mission is to hunt down illegal memory traffickers.

That is… DUN-DUN-DUNNN! one day Nilin’s own memories get erased. Bummer, I know. Now she must fight to get her identity back and learn why it was stolen in the first place, a underlining mystery that when unraveled could change the world. Sounds quite… Total Recall-ish. Not new Total Recall – heck no – I mean, 1980’s supremely better Paul Verhoeven Total Recall.

Another influence I’m probably sure, which definitely has me wanting more of Remember Me. For now though, we’ll have to do with this reveal trailer and seven minute gameplay video. Oh, but I’ll take it!

Remember Me Official Trailer US

Remember Me – Memory Remix Gameplay US

Good stuff. Very good stuff. But then so is what we’ve got going down on Walyou. Today’s hot items? Ah, well, how about a Macintosh-styled iPad case or an unbelievably cool Halo Xbox 360 case mod.