Sweets for My Geek: Gaming Peripherals Candy Boxes

What’s the one thing that keeps gamers up and about? Sugar! Combine this energy-booster with the novelty of gaming consoles and you’ve got yourself a sweet treat. Presented here are three cool candy boxes inspired by popular video games of yesteryear.

NES Controller Mints

First up is the NES Classic Controller mint box, only $3.99. This discontinued gaming console of the 90s makes a refreshing comeback as a handy candy tin. The container is almost the exact size as the original NES controller, complete with details for the directional pad and buttons. Inside are approximately 60 pieces of mint candy, perfect for breath freshening after long hours of game play.

Super Mario Question Box Candy

Another yummy gamers’ treat comes in the form of the Super Mario Brothers Question Box. The container is a 2 by 2 inch cube which can be opened to reveal sour candy coins. Also retailing for $3.99, it’s the perfect gift for Super Mario fans and tangy candy addicts.  Not to worry, these sweet cubes only contain candy coins, no mushrooms!

Classic Atari Controller Gum

And finally, in honor of the godfather of video games, here is the Classic Atari Controller gum. Based on the original Atari 2600 unit of the 80s, this cool candy tin has a rubber joystick that can bend. Open it up and you get 60 pieces of fruit flavored chewing gum. For only $3.99-9.99, it’s a great memento for those who love chewy and bendy things, or for those who just crave that extra sugar rush.

Once you’ve chomped up all the treats, what do you do with your empty gaming peripherals candy boxes? You can refill them with your favorite candies to satisfy your sweet tooth even more, or use the tins to keep coins or loose change. Either way, these containers are a fun and sweet way to commemorate the video game classics the world has grown to love.

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