Gaming Christmas Ornaments From GingerPots

The holiday season isn’t here quite yet, but we can still admire these pretty, handmade Christmas ornaments based on famous videogame characters.

Mario Yoshi ornaments by GingerPots

You want a real Halloween story that will scare the bujeebus out of you? Well, it’s called Christmas, and it’s the frightening tale about a well-meaning holiday that after getting bit by a radioactive retail marketer grows bigger and bigger, and slowly every year becomes an unstoppable blob of tree lights, jolly fat men, and fruit cake.

There’s nothing we can do now. We’re all part of the Christmas hive mind whether we like it or not. So join me as we take delight in these retro gaming Christmas ornaments by GingerPots, creator of hand-made crafts of the nerdy variety – and yes, like their name implies, they also sell pots for plants and flowers. No false advertising there.

Sonic ornament by GingerPots

Neither is there false advertising in these glass ornaments, they are as charming as they come. I would hold them lovingly tight, if not for them being quite fragile. Each one is individually hand-painted with the choice of your favorite videogame icon, including Mario, Sonic, and wide selection of others that GingerPots has listed for sale on their Esty page.

8-bit Final Fantasy ornaments by GingerPots

Prices range from around the $15 for single ornaments, to about double or triple that for sets of three. Reasonable prices, I would say, for something as uniquely made by a passionate artisan. There’s a couple of ornaments I’d love to put on my Christmas tree come December, or heck, why not now. I, for one, welcome our new Christmas overlords.

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