DJ Yoduh and Luke Cripwalker: Star Wars Gets Gangsta

The Star Wars franchise has triggered scores of art forms of a variety of genres. From miscellaneous to abstract art, we’ve seen tons of artists cum fans showing their love and loyalty by immortalizing these timeless characters on canvas. Harshness has gone a step further and fused earthlike features into our beloved Stars Wars characters in his superb Star Wars art.

Harshness has used forms of fusion that not many fan artists have dived into. By fusing Star Wars characterizations into animals and humans, this humorous fusion art form guarantees a dosage of laughter and is sure to leave you spell bound thereafter.

This fusion form of Star Wars art form has miraculously given birth to a number of, what I’d like to call, hybrid Star Wars characters. We have a cute cuddly baby penguin christened the Art Vader Baby Penguin, donning the mask of the evil Darth Vader, equipped with an icicle lightsaber. There is the renowned Jedi master, Yoda, sported by an equally powerful Chihuahua with his tongue hanging out and holding a green lightsaber. Harshness has fused the characteristics of Chewbacca into a hamster, carrying a newly devised Cheez3PO. Another print displays Boba Fett in the body of a chimpanzee called Boba Chimp.

Other prints show Luke Cripwalker using his spare time to Crip Walk and Han Cholo, of American Indian ancestry, sporting a bandana. The G-Wok, an e-wok beasty American gangsta with a rifle in one hand and pistol in the other, is all set for a local gang war. We have Jedi master Yoda using his skill and talent in nightclubs and discs under the name DJ Yoduh and 600 year old Jabba the hutt working as a pimp.

The wicked Darth Fader art print is my favorite piece of the lot, which portrays the evil Darth Vader fading away with an open bottle of Jack Daniel’s and a cigarette. By placing our beloved Star Wars characters in human-like circumstances, Harshness’s Star Wars art has been able to embed human emotions in them, which have the ability of making us easily relate to and imagine ourselves in those circumstances.

All the Star Wars art prints by Harshness have been created using archival pigment inks and have been printed on archival, heavyweight matte paper. The prints also bear a small white border, ready for framing. They’ll look great on your wall and will definitely be the source of conversation when you have guests over.

Be it for yourself or a Star Wars fanatic of a friend these Star wars art prints make great collectibles and are the perfect birthday presents. You can buy any of these spectacular prints at Harshness’s shop on Etsy.