Don’t Drop the Ball! 7 Ridiculous Things Dropped on New Year’s Eve

For 104 years, up to a million people have gathered in Times Square to view the ball drop on New Year’s Eve. But they’re not the only ones watching things fall to the count down to the New Year. Here are a few crazy things people around the United States drop just before midnight on December 31st.

Snooki Drop

Snooki, the outspoken leading lady of MTV’s Jersey Shore, was placed inside a lit ball, while lit herself, for MTV’s New Year’s celebration in 2011. Seaside Heights, New Jersey

Flea Drop

North Carolina knows how to party … in an ultimately weird way. The town of Eastover celebrates the New Year by dropping a 3 foot tall, 30 pound wooden flea. Let’s just hope it doesn’t get termites. Eastover, North Carolina.

Pickle Drop

NC does it again, this time with an illuminated pickle! However, they try to keep it international by engaging in the festivities according to Greenwich Mean Time. Mt. Olive, North Carolina.

Crayola Crayon Drop

Crayola is an essential brand name in any child’s life, so in Crayola’s home state, it’s only a given that they’d celebrate with a crayon drop for the kids! This is even better for parents, because they do it early enough so the kids can get to bed on time and not see mom and dad coming home wasted after midnight. Easton, Pennsylvania.

Chicken Drop

Chuck the Chicken (not live) is the guest of honor at this New Year’s Eve party … whether or not chicken is served on the benefit dinner’s menu was not mentioned, however. Gainesville, Georgia.

Sardine Drop

The fishing industry rules Maine’s shores, so it’s no big surprise that the key ingredient to Ceasar salad any many pizzas, the sardine, is lowered to open the New Year in a truly locally-inspired way. Eastport, Maine.

Possum Drop

When they’re not dialing into American Idol to vote for fellow North Carolinians like Clay Aiken and Fantasia Barrino, the folks of Brasstown are determined to piss off PETA and drop a possum in a clear case, where he is released afterwards (and hopefully not the New Year’s Day dinner for some family the next day). Brasstown, North Carolina.