Geek Icons as Hipster (Mash-ups)

Someone created hipsters that I don’t want to curb stomp? What is this sorcery?

I’ll be honest, my feelings about hipsters tend to range between mild annoying and completely apathetic, so I’m not one to click on anything with “hipster” in the title. I think my problem with hipsters lies not in the execution, but in the concept. As a female bespectacled English major gamer nerd, I am a little annoyed with the concept idiots walking around in lens free glasses, tirelessly quoting the two Hemingway passages that they found on Wikipedia, whilst smoking cheap cigarettes and drinking PBR.

First, glasses are intended for individuals, like me, who are handicapped by a vision problem. They are not meant to be worn by individuals with 20/20 vision who are mocking my impaired vision with their fashion accessories. You have perfect eyes, therefore you get sunglasses. I have crappy vision, therefore I get regular glasses. End of story.

Second, I have a bit of a problem with anyone who can afford good beer, but chooses to drink Pabst Blue Ribbon “ironically”. And where are these kids getting their definition of “ironic”? From Alanis Morissette? Horrible.

Third, most of the Hemingway quotes they are tossing around are about impotency. And no, Thoreau doesn’t “totally get” you; he, along with the other transcendentalists, were about minimalism, so you just look like an idiot when you quote Walden while wearing your $90 anthropology shirt on the stoop of the ridiculously expensive apartment that you got your parents to pay for.

Okay, so I hate hipsters. Who knew? With all of this fiery rage, you would think that I would detest the works of John Woo, who depicts my favorite, science fiction, comic book, and movie characters in hipster clothing. But you know what? I think it’s actually pretty amazing.

In fact, I am a little ashamed to admit that I covet the outfit that Cat Woman is wearing.

And would seriously like to date the AT-AT Pilot. Don’t judge me.

Sure, some of his creations are obnoxious, like the hipster Jar Jar, but other than that, they are great.