Solid Gold C-3PO and Silver R2-D2 Figurines

Star Wars has always been one of the pillars of geek culture (at least for those who aren’t Star Trek fans), and if geeks love anything, it’s owning collectables. Deep-pocketed nerds might want to check out this solid gold replica of C-3PO, as well as a silver R2-D2.

These droids come to us from Crunchyroll via Technabob. They’re being produced by the Japanese mail-order company Imperial Enterprises to celebrate the 35th anniversary of the release of the first fourth film in the series. Those of you who can do math will know that the 35th anniversary was last year in the U.S., but “A New Hope” was released in 1978 in Japan.

Star Wars Figurines

The gold version of everyone’s favorite protocol droid measures 10 centimeters (around 4 inches) tall and costs 500,000 yen, or around $6,000

Gold C3PO

R2-D2 is made of sterling silver, measures 6 cm tall (2.4 inches) and will set you back 150,000 yen ($1,800 U.S.). The company is only making 35 of each, so you’d better act fast.

Silver R2-D2

Imperial Enterprises is also releasing a sterling silver commemorative coin that will cost 248,000 yen, or ($2, 981 U.S.), if you actually have any money after buying the figurines.

Since we cover geek culture, if we had a nickel for every Star Wars post, we could afford to buy all 35 of both figurines. If you want to go a bit cheaper, you can buy an R2-D2 beer can cooler. You might also like a set of Star Wars crayons.