Geek Love: Some of the Geekiest Couples of All Time

For every geek, there is a match. Only the true geek knows the numerical probability of actually finding that special someone whom you’re meant to be with, because even geeks need love.

roses are #FF0000
violets are #0000FF
all my base
are belong to you

Love poem brought to you by ThinkGeek.

Here are some of the geekiest romance scenes of all time. But first, a little note from the Walyou Team to one of our own …

Netta + Yoni

Walyou Marketing & Community Manager, Netta, ties the knot today with fellow geek, Yoni. The Walyou Team wishes them the best of love, luck and happiness. This post is dedicated to them.

Angry Birds in Love

Red Bird of Angry Birds forgets all about slingshots and egg-stealing pigs once he meets his match. Source.

Tux Love

The Linux mascot, Tux, seems to have found his true love. Source.


Android Romance

Both bride and groom are Android lovers, so here’s a little Android love for them. Source 1, Source 2.

Mario in Love

Princess Peach and Mario of the Super Mario Bros. dynamic duo are madly in love. But forget Valentine’s Day; Dia de los Muertos (a highly festive celebration of the spirits in Mexico) is romantic for Peach and Mario. Source 1, Source 2.

Luigi Finds Love

Princess Daisy makes a complete man out of the second half of the Super Mario Bros. duo, Luigi.

Zelda & Link

Is the true Legend of Zelda her love affair with Link? Source.

Superman’s New Love

Did Clark Kent dump Lois for the Amazonian Wonder Woman? Well, it sure does look like love. Source.

Lego Bride & Groom

The Lego bride and groom, modded for holy matrimony. Source.

Pac-Man & Ms. Pac-Man

Ms. Pac-Man and Pac-Man sure make one perfect couple. Source.

Stormtroopers in Love

Even Stormtroopers need romance in their lives.

Geek Love On Your Terms

Make geek love on your own terms with “Hot Hacks” and “DIY Techniques.” Source.

I love you more than my computer
Believe me it’s true;
You installed the best in me.
Your picture is always in my background.
You clicked my heart gently.
You drive me crazy when I see you.
Your love reset my life and deleted all the sadness in me.
You restored my kindness after I thought it was corrupted.
I’m always connected to you with more than 56 heart beat per second.
You hacked my brain and registered your name in it.
You are the only one that could navigate my feelings and explore my
emotions at the same time.
I feel lost when I try to call you and you are not responding.
I always feel you close to me when I shut down my eyes, or when I open
my windows waiting for you to pass.
You are the only one that can log into my heart and never log out.
I dream of being your only server as long as I live.
You don’t have to search for me, cause we are always linked to each
I see your name everywhere, my front page, my homepage and all my
I scanned my life and found that I’m only infected by you.
You are the virus I’d never remove, and why should I do?
Believe me it is true;
I love you more than my CPU!

Poem from V7N Technology Blog.