13 Delicious Looking Geeky Lunches

Your lunch doesn’t only have to taste good and be healthy these days – It has to look good as well, or at least it’s better if it does. There’s nothing like opening the box your mom/girlfriend/wife made your for work and seeing Harry Potter looking at you, made out of your food? Your day just got a whole lot better.

The Nintendo Lunch

The Tomato Lobster

The Snoopy Meal

The Horror Film Lunch

I think there’s a chance some people would throw up if they’d open their lunch and get this.

Starbucks Knockoff Lunch

The Mozart ‘Classical’ Lunch

The Cute Mice Inlove Lunch

CSI: Miami Lunch

If there’s one person I don’t want to see in my food, it’s probably Horatio Caine.

Spongebob Lunch

Harry Potter Lunch

Jawa Lunch

Three Little Pigs Lunch

Hello Kitty Lunch