Robot Creates Custom Espresso Art Messages via SMS

Geeks (myself included) seem to run on caffeine, but one company’s taking espresso to the next level with the Zipwhip, a robot that creates custom messages in espresso.

Out in the Pacific Northwest where I live, being a barista is Serious Business. So serious, in fact, that there are actually awards for it. The really skilled baristas are adept at creating intricate patterns in the foam, so I’m not sure how well being replaced with a robot would go over.

Zipwhip robot

The idea is simple, just send a text message to the robot, and you’ll get your coffee with your custom message emblazoned on it.

Seattle-based cloud messaging provider Zipwhip created the Textpresso to promote its cloud messaging business. They have no plans to market the robot commercially. I can hear baristas everywhere breathing a collective sigh of relief.

Or maybe not. Zipwhip has made the code available, so anyone with the right know-how can duplicate the barista bot. One thing that robots will never replace humans for is being condescending when you order the “wrong” drink.

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via: Gizmowatch