Awesome Nerdy Facebook Avatars

Every now and again our Facebook profiles can need a little sprucing up. Changing your info, clearing out photos and changing your profile picture. That is, if you have one. I think there’s really only three reasons why people’s Facebook profiles display the generic Facebook avatar:

  1. The profile was new and the user decided Facebook wasn’t their thing.
  2. The user is camera shy and hasn’t reverted to posting the obligatory picture of a sports car or Hello Kitty logo.
  3. It’s a really bad spam account with zero effort from the spammer.

I think we all have at least one friend that fits one of the above descriptions. All that said there’s some fun to be had with the good old Facebook avatar and som photoshop fanboys have had their share.

We came across a few neat avatars that mimic the normal Facebook avatar with a little twist. Who doesn’t like Mario?!

There’s a whole treasure trove of these bad boys available; some more recognizable than others. Darth Vader, The Punisher and Jesus to name but a few.

Geeky Avatars

They’re great for a funny little change to your account as opposed to the usual status updates, pictures etcetera. What’s more they’re dead easy to make in even the most basic image editing software packages such as GIMP or even MS Paint.

Nerdy Avatars

Have some fun with these nerdy Facebook avatars, or better still, make your own! For all of your Facebook fiends, check out how to get a poster montage of your Facebook friends, the showdown of Facebook vs. Twitter and the Facebook “Like” button stamp.

What do you think of these Facebook avatars?

Via: BuzzFeed