Geemu Ofu Suroonzu: Game Of Thrones As Medieval Japanese Art

We’re dying in anticipation of HBO’s mega-hit Game Of Thrones’ fourth season, and to quench our thirst for Westeros-related media, we went looking for some fan art. This are some of our finds! Also, be warned, for there are some spoilers for seasons 1 and 2, but no further than that. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!

Game Of Thrones Japanese Art 2

This collection of images was created by imgur user seiji (probably ended up on reddit too, but we were unable to find the post), and depict some key moments of the series done in traditional Japanese style, faithful to the times of the Tokugawa dynasty. So, we see bastard swords replaced with katanas, oriental dragons, and Ned Stark writing a poem before committing seppuku instead of being executed by Illyn Payne. What a clever piece of work!

Game Of Thrones Japanese Art 3

Game Of Thrones Japanese Art 4

Still, our favorite piece out of the bunch is the one below these lines, depicting the final moments of the most epic battle we’ve never seen: Rhaegar Targaryen against the young, fit, and badass Robert Baratheon. Oh, how we’d die to watch a prequel along with the main show…

Game Of Thrones Japanese Art 1

Game Of Thrones Japanese Art 5

Game Of Thrones Japanese Art 6

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