Paper Smaug Escapes The Book; Terrifies Readers

We don’t know about you, but usually when we have a book, we just read them. Seems that’s not the case for everyone, though…


Papier Mâché, AKA, the art of recombining paper into prime material for art, is a breed of art that hardly ever surprises for being awesome, but this might just be that one time. This is a project by DeviantARTist FarTooManyIdeas (too many ideas? We’d love to see some more of those!), and depicts the dragon Smaug coming out of The Hobbit like he owns the place. Well, he pretty much does, anyways. Scroll down to see more pictures of the beast, all taken by the creator.



Be sure to visit TooManyIdeas’ Deviant art page to keep up with his latest work. We know we will.



Source: Geekologie

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