Beautifully Mashed-Up Darth Vader Helmet & Homer Simpson

There’s nothing hotter at the moment than Star Wars, which means, among other things, a lot of artistic mashups. One of the coolest ideas of that line we’ve seen recently is a Darth Vader helmet with a very strong Homer Simpson influence.

While there’s nothing really relating one of the greatest villains of all time and one of the biggest idiots we’ve seen on our TV screen over the last 25 years, somehow this works. Maybe it’s the Vader helmet shape that everyone loves, or simply The Simpsons yellow coloring and scheme that has become universally loved.


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This wonderful piece of pop art was made by and johnpaulduray takes the sting out of the seriousness that is Darth Vader in about everything he does and says, although his helmet, responsible for his heavy breathing, will always be his most memorable feature. [Spoiler warning] It’s also the only thing of his that appears in Episode VII, The Force Awakens, although his spirit does have more influence than just one scene in the trailers and the film.

This isn’t the first time someone has done a great job of mashing up the Simpsons with something. One of our older posts (although it does check out) goes through a wide variety of Simpsons Mashups, including one Star Wars reference, maybe the coolest of the bunch.


Some people have a very different take on Fox’s royal cartoon family, turning them into Kickass Simpsons Chairs, which are probably more comfortable than they seem to be.


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