Get a cleaner SNES & Genesis image on modern TVs with HD Retrovision

Anyone would be surprised when comparing what we remember a game looking like and what it actually DID look like. The gap starts to close thanks to HD Retrovision, though.


Turns out games made to run on classic consoles just do not look as sharp as we’d want to when run on a modern HDTV, as the image above illustrates on the left, and anyone who has been experimenting with emulators or the old consoles themselves will tell you the same: games just look blurry and distorted, and it´s not because of your eyes, but because of the technology itself.

For those gamers who want to reconcile the new screens with their classic consoles, there’s an upcoming products by HD Retrovision meant to help you out. It’s a replacement YPbPr cable for the SNES and Mega Drive / Genesis (depends on which part of the globe you live in) that is meant to give a clearer, sharper images on HDTVs.


The guys at HD Retrovision aren’t rookies and know what they’re doing: aware of the audio issues too, the Sega Genesis cable comes in two variants, mono and stereo, to ensure you don’t miss an audio channel no matter what TV you run it through. The SNES doesn’t have these issues, so it comes in only one variant instead. The idea is to make universal cables that work on either NTSC and PAL TV’s, but in case that doesn’t end up happening, there will be separate releases for each region, according to their Kickstarter page. Still not convinced? Wait until you see the side by side comparison between cables they put together.

Via Technabob

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