Rose Colored Gaming Creates SNES, Super Famicom-style GBAs

Retro gaming system modifiers Rose Colored Gaming brings together two classic Nintendo platforms together into one mighty fine looking handheld.

Rose Colored Gaming SNES GBA

I tend to think of the Game Boy Advance as the blessed reincarnation of the Super Nintendo. Just taking a quick glance at both system’s libraries from a far, I honestly can’t tell the difference between the two. That isn’t me knocking either, personally I find that an absolutely great thing considering the memorable line-up titles the SNES afforded.

So it’s only truly fitting that Rose Colored Gaming, who specialize in giving retro game consoles some amazing-looking paint jobs (check out their website for further proof), to come up with a pair of Super Nintendo/Super Famicom-themed Game Boy Advances. Oh, yes, I think these came out quite well. Don’t you think so?

Rose Colored Gaming SFC Game Boy Advance

Rose Colored Gaming stayed religiously faithful to each respective console’s designs, accurately using the same color cues, like that shade of funky purple-gray from the North American/PAL version of the console, on each GBA’s buttons, D-pads, and shells. The heavy obsession to details even extends to their retail packaging, which mimic original SNES/SFC game boxes.

Being the Super Famicom snob that I am, I tend to gravitate towards the SFC in terms of looks, but I would be so giddy to get my hands on either of these modded, back-lit included portables. Speaking of which, they’ll be available in limited quantities for the premium price of $249 USD (in either SNES/SFC styles) from their Facebook page, so act fast if you want to purchase one for yourself.

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