15 Creative Ghanaian Coffin Designs

In Ghana, one workshop, Ghana Coffin, is all about customizing your dying experience. If you wished to take a plane and never afford one during your life, at least get buried in one. You get the drift. Living out your fantasty, or your favorite indulgence, like in life, through death, forever and ever.

Sweet Tooth

For those who just couldn’t keep away from their favorite sugar-rich snacks in the afterlife.

Leaving on a Jet-plane

If you’re wondering, there is an actual Ghana airways.

Pink Fish Coffin

“Mom, where’s dad?” “He’s sleeping with the fishes honey, inside a nice pink one. Sweet dreams.”

Buried for all eternity inside an Onion!!


Coffin-Camera or Camera-Coffin?

The perfect way to celebrate your career as a paparazzi photographer.

Lizard Coffin

Unrelated to Spider-man, if you were wondering. Not everything in here has something to do with comic books.

Cell Phone Coffin

For those who want to stay connected in the afterlife as well.

Pig Farmer Coffin

Buried with coins as well.

Snail Coffin

Just lettin’ you know you have all the time in the world, from now until eternity.

Mercedes Coffin

Going down under in style.

Bible Coffin

Making the burial ceremony extra extra holy.

Hammer Coffin

For the carpenters who can’t stay away from their tools after it’s all over.

Piano Coffin

Listening to good, classical music, all the way down.

Movie Projector Coffin

Cruise Ship Coffin

Going on that final cruise to a place that they say is all better.