Xbox 360 in 140 Words or Less

This custom Xbox 360 sporting a sleek Twitter-themed case is in the best home possible – the Twitter office itself.

Despite being relatively new to the social networking stage, Twitter went big very quickly. It’s the perfect platform for people to share what they had for dinner or express their boredom at waiting for the bus, especially if they don’t have time to write lengthy blog posts. This Twitter Xbox 360 really is a testament to how important the media platform has become, as it is housed in the new Twitter office.

Twitter XBOX

Twitter is, of course, also available to use on the Xbox 360, so it seems natural that someone would want to paint a console with a Twitter theme. It makes even more sense that the makers of Twitter would want the consoles they game with to reflect their success with the company.

It’s hard to tell whether it’s a very detailed paint job or a full custom case, though it looks fantastic either way. The Twitter branding is present throughout, but not to an obnoxious degree; the logo is only stamped under the power button and also on the side of the console. The majority of the case, however, is painted the distinct shade of robin’s egg blue associated with Twitter.  On top of the blue background, the side of the Xbox360 also sports the default “cloudy” Twitter theme.

Other than that, it’s a fairly unassuming case design; there’s nothing really extreme about this mod, a design aesthetic that suits Twitter’s simple and clean interface and purpose. Plus, if the Twitter office gamers are serious about using it, they probably don’t want their own brand name thrust in their face every time they decide to throw down in Halo.

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Via: Laughing Squid