Terror Dog Sculpture for Ghostbusters Fans

There are certain characters portrayed in movies that are memorable forever. One example of such characters is the theme of ‘terror dogs’ displayed in the movie Ghost Busters. And so a character of the movie has been sculpted so that many fans of the movies can buy and enjoy them whenever they want.

The sculpture is known as the ‘Single Terror Dog’ sculpture. Single because, rather than the three terror dogs shown in the movie, only one has been re-created as a sculpture. This sculpture is 7 inches tall and has been hand painted while the material that has been used to create the statue is ceramic.

As the story about the movie goes, these terror dogs were the guards who used to guard the Zuhl sanctuary. It is a known fact that dogs are the best guards known to mankind. This fact was rightly depicted in the movie which became a cult classic or in more simple terms, a super-hit.

The reconstruction of this famous character has been done in such a way that the sculpture looks really threatening and natural – just like in the movies. But only by actually touching the sculpture can one recognise that the terror dog is not real but has been artificially and artistically re-created.

There are so many different ways in which this terror dog statue can be used. One can use it at home to proudly show-off the acquiring of such a cult figure or use the statue to scare people as a prank. As an April fool’s Day joke, displaying the terror dog statue will be perfect. The terror dog is named as Zuly keeping with the theme of the Zuhl sanctuary mentioned in the movie.

The price of the statue is placed at US $250. At the first glance it does appear to be costly but in fact when one compares the price with the value and relevance of the sculpture, there can be no denying that spending  250 $ does not look expensive at all. This sculpture is marketed by the company Sorcias Lair and is a very popular product available for sale.

A Harry Potter statue or an Albus Dumbledore sculpture might be the latest hits in the fans’ market. But just as these characters are worth buying and recollecting forever, as an item of the past generations’ memory, the sculpture of the terror dog does not have any competition whatsoever.

Though a bit frightening, this is a must have for all who believe in mischief. Also take a look at Ghostbusters Logo Neon Sign and Ghostbusters Proton Pack for more fun.