The Joker Rubik’s Cube Mosaic Inspires the Artist in You

Of all the villains that we have ever come across, only the Joker could have asked a simple question like ‘Why so serious” in the most sinister manner.

The archenemy of Batman, The joker has been the most notorious of all the pop-culture villains and has continued to be one of the most important characters ever created by DC Comics. Inspired by his ruthlessness and sinister way of living, David Alvarez from Leavenworth, Washington has replicated the Joker entirely with the help of Rubik’s Cubes. There really is no connection between the Joker and the Rubik’s Cubes but David Alvarez must be deeply influenced by not just the Joker, but also the Rubik’s Cubes.

Moreover, his creation resembles Heath Ledger so much that one might get a passing thought that more than the Joker, the artist might be inspired by Heath Ledger’s talent and acting skills. The portrait of the joker has been created using only Rubik’s Cubes, and David used a total of 336 of them. The portrait measures 4-feet by 3-feet. The artist even took the trouble to manipulate the Rubik’s cubes in the traditional style without altering them unfairly.

To prove his point, he has also uploaded a time-lapse video on YouTube. David Alvarez also used the Rubik’s Cube-solving wisdom made famous by YouTube-user Dan Brown. It almost seems unbelievable that a single man could go to this extent to recreate his favourite villain in Rubik’s Cubes and that too, without cheating even a bit. This should inspire everyone to try their hands at art.

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Via: Comics Alliance