Gigabyte gives us a new mini PC with tons of options

Meet the BRIX, Gigabyte’s latest customizable mini-PC that’s got plenty of power under the hood and a ton of flexibility for the living room!


After its brief appearance at CES this year, Gigabyte is now ready to launch the customizable Ivy-Bridge powered mini-PC to the living room. There may not be much of a demand for them right now, but these little beasts are great for having an in-house media center, and take even less space than a traditional DVD player. What’s more, the BRIX supports USB 3.0, and can be powered by an I3, I5 and even an I7 processor (in case you need some really heavy computing done), so you can stream those heavy 1080P videos without any frame drops, or audio stuttering.


While it doesn’t compare to the raspberry pi in terms of price point, the BRIX does allow power users to choose their operating system as well as a choice of RAM and SSD combinations, which makes the mini-PC a flexible powerhouse with plenty of punch for day to day activities. It’s no gaming rig, but you can be sure that your next round of bejeweled blitz, or plants VS zombies will still play out just fine, all while watching some HD videos. With the option of exporting to up to two displays via HDMI and Mini Displayport, you’ve got the ability to multitask without a hassle either, not bad for a mini PC!

Although the market for it is still very niche, the Gigabyte BRIX offers a multitude of options to for buyers, making it accessible to almost any interested consumer. You can expect the BRIX to hit the digital shelves shortly on amazon and other online retailers.

Source: Engadget

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