Glove One – An Innovative Take on a ‘Hand Held’ Cellphone

What if you literally had the power of a cellphone right in the palm of your hands? One designer who specializes in re-purposing electronics aimed to find out by making a cellphone that actually fits like a glove.

As kids, we used to pretend we were talking on the phone by holding our thumb to our ear, pinky finger to our mouth, and we would begin talking. A new innovative cellphone prototype, known as the Glove One, looks to remove the make believe and have people talking right to their hand.

Bryan Cera, a designer based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin who specializes in custom built circuits and re-purposed electronics decided to make a new way to use a mobile phone by utilizing a 3D printer and a whole lot of modifications.

This definitely gives the phrase “talk to the hand” a whole new meaning, doesn’t it?

According to Cera, who is explaining the Glove One concept as a wearable mobile phone – “[It is] a wearable mobile communication device. It presents a futile and fragile technology with which to augment ourselves. A cellphone which, in order to use, one must sacrifice their hand. It is both the literalization of Sherry Turkle’s notion of technology as a ‘phantom limb,’ in how we augment ourselves through an ambivalent reliance on it, as well as a celebration of the freedom we seek in our devices. Emotional investment becomes physical, as the functionality of the device depends on the dysfunctionality of the wearer. While we enjoy the fantasies they offer, we rethink the technologies we construct and reflect on how they construct us.”

Watch how the Glove One works below:

While Glove One is currently just a prototype, the design is extremely interesting and you never know, it may just be the next big thing in cellphones comes a few years from now!

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