Texting-Glove Modified for the Hearing Impaired

A team of programmers have converted your average texting-glove into a device that can benefit the hearing impaired.

texting-glove-hearing impaired

The texting-glove for the hearing impaired is a new device that turns sign language into text, and sends it directly to one’s smartphone using Android operating software. Usind a gyroscope, an ADK Board, finger sensors and some other gear, the device can faithfully transcribe sign language into text message format.

Check out the video below to see this glove in action.

According to our http://dvice.com/archives/2011/12/texting-glove-t.php”>source, the device was recently unveiled at Google’s Developers Day in Tel Aviv to showcase what can be done with Android software.

Thanks to text-messaging, cellphones are not without use to the hearing impaired. While it use of the glove might not be as practical as simply typing out a text message, since it takes a few moments for the phone to register and accept the glove’s motions, the motion-control-style gloves and software could probably be expanded in the future and lead to some really interesting developments.

At the very least, one could use this current technology to literally “write” things in sign language. How about writing a story using hand motions? That would be a neat item to have in the portfolio.

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