Steampunk Cellphone: 3G Inside the Nautilus?

Have you ever wondered what a cellphone would have looked like in a Jules Verne inspired world? Check this out, now.

We’ve been in a steampunk kick here at Walyou, as we love the idea of re-imagining everyday objects to fit in old-times context. Steampunk is all about that: creating a retro-future, combining future and current technology with looks that would fit the Victorian age, a Jules Verne novel, or would simply operate by steam. And now, we can see a cellphone designed this way. Enjoy these fantastic pictures!

steampunk phone 1

steampunk phone 2

Sure, this isn’t a Smartphone, but this has style, and that’s undeniable. Priorities are priorities! And as every “old school” phone, we’re pretty sure it’d have better signal than most smartphones anyways. Hell, if the tube on the side shoots either steam or a flame, it’s a sure buy for us.

steampunk phone 3

steampunk phone 4

Besides the stylish brass, we like the touch that clocks add. Also, the buttons (even if they don’t have numbers) look oddly fitting, creating a detailed piece with lots of things to look at. Congratulations to the creators!

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