Xbook Duo: Two Microsoft Gaming Systems In One Laptop

Witness the combination of Xboxes past and present in this laptop gaming mod.

Xbook Duo mod by Eddie Zarick image 1

What’s better than a Xbox One console mod? A Xbox One and a Xbox 360 console mod. Gadget enthusiast Ed Zarick has done just that with his Xbook Duo, a console laptop mod that has built-in capabilities for Microsoft’s current and previous console offerings, which can be played on a collapsible 22? 1080p Vizio LCD monitor.

Stylish as it may be, I imagine the Xbook Duo would be a behemoth to lug around. Not surprising when you consider how bulky the Xbox One already is… Then you try to force (precisely, of course!) another console in such a relatively compact space? Well, it would be like trying to fit a walk-in closet’s worth of clothes into a tiny suitcase.

Tight fit, huh?

Xbook Duo mod by Eddie Zarick image 2Xbook Duo mod by Eddie Zarick image 3

Logically, I very much doubt bulk was much of a consideration in the design phase. Getting that slick combo working together was at it’s forefront, and in that case – a laptop case (haha!) – the Duo is fantastic. CD loading trays for both console can be found on the side, and while you can’t operate both at the same time, switching between either is as simple as a press of a button.

Source: Ed’s Junk

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