Google To Experiment With 3D Imaging Devices

Google has reportedly joined the 3d race and is working on tablets & smartphones capable of taking and displaying 3D images.


Starting next month, Google is set to release a first run of 4,000 devices with two rear-facing cameras and software. As we reported before, this is not official as of now and just rumors, but many developers claim to be already aware and working with the company, Google spoke last March of Project Tango, an organized project that would marry their devices with the 3D technology available today. Initial prototypes had been given to chosen developers to try out, so there should be progress in that area.

This way, Google would be joining the likes of Nintendo’s very own 3DS as one of the first portable devices capable of 3D without glasses, which were the biggest setback for this technology to catch on. We’re expecting this technology to eventually work along with Facebook’s newly acquired Oculus VR technology.

Source: BBC

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