Google Analytics Real-Time Announced

Every web administrator or site owner has spent hours checking the data that Google Analytics has had to offer, and will continue to do so in order make sure the traffic is stable.

If there are any fluctuations one could try and understand from where the change in traffic surge took place. Now, Google has announced Google Analytics Real-Time, which would tell you what is happening on your site, right at the moment you look at the screen.

In fact, this would be of tremendous use to people who use Twitter campaigns and other social media fuelled campaigns in order to drive traffic to a particular website. For instance, Real-Time analytics would help admins and site owners to check for how long a tweet is able to drive traffic, and once the tweet is buried in the timelines of people, they can begin to engage twitter users all over again. This would not only help admins and site owners to engage their readers, audience and drive traffic to the website consistently but would also give them a sense of control over their own websites.

One does not need to wait for hours to know what actually took place on the website as data can be seen on the Analytics page, as it happens on the website. The main advantage of this update is that measuring social media impact would become easier, and would be less of a blind man’s heuristics. Like I said before, it would also help people to measure campaigns and access data real-time. Real-Time reports are available now when you click on the ‘New Version’ in your Google Analytics page.

If you would like to be one of the first users of the full version, you could request for an invite by signing up for early access. Eventually, all Google Analytics will be upgraded to the updated interface in teh coming weeks. This is great news for bloggers and site owners who spend hours trying to figure out where they went wrong, and where they were right when it comes to measuring social media campaigns. Things would become simpler and less opaque than it was as real time data accessing is always a great thing. You could also take a look at what we wrote about Google Blogger Stats, which also helps to track your BlogSpot traffic in detail.

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