Totally Pimped Out: Gold Xbox 360 Controller

We know your playing skills are gold, and now you can have a controller that lives up to them. If you’re looking for a distinct and unique Xbox 360 Controller mod to show off, here’s an idea: a Gold Xbox 360 Controller, worthy of Snoop Dog or any other rap god.

Xbox 360 Gold Controller 1

Now, first things first, there’s a reason why this controller costs only $75 dollars, and it’s because it’s not actually solid gold, but a gold shell. Before you stop reading, this is actually a good thing: the shell was produced in a factory so the paint won’t wear of, so besides being stylish, it’s also light and reliable, and has a rapid fire feature that can be adjusted from 6 times per second to over 25.


The small bit that can be criticized is that the analog sticks would have looked better in black as opposed to white/transparent. Plastic-looking things don’t really go with the gold theme.


This is based off of actual Microsoft controllers so you can be sure the mods are working and reliable, and that the materials are top quality, instead of a cheap knock-off.


If you like what you see, head over to the auction page in eBay and get yours. Or if you feel like gold is not really your thing, you could try a Steampunk mod or a Mod with Bullets.