Roomba Robot Vacuums LED Light Paintings

The Roomba is one of the most versatile commercial robots out there: it won’t just clean your house, it also has the potential to create art.

For those that have never heard of Roomba, it’s a tiny robot/vacuum cleaner that runs around a room, vacuuming it’s way, saving you the trouble of actually having to move the vacuum around yourself. This is all very nice, indeed, but being that humans are still the most creative creatures in the planet, it’s great to see that it didn’t take long for users to turn the Roomba’s patterns into an art form. There’s even a whole Flickr group centered around this.


The premise is simple, LED lights are attached to the Roomba, and while the little guy goes around it’s business, the artist takes a long exposure shot with a camera. The result? Pure psychedelia.


The cool part is that with this process, the artist manages to create something while cleaning his or her room in the process. Breaking stereotypes rules.


The thing that plays against most people about this process is the fact that usually none of our rooms have that much space. Hell, we can barely walk without stepping on several other things. Props to the artists for their organization.


Some of the stylistic choices involve the colors, the programmed changes, or even creating certain patterns in order to draw something in particular.

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