New Google Doodle is a Barcode Design

google doodle barcode patent

Some of you may be asking why is the Google Logo missing from the Google home page and a Barcode has taken its place? Is it some form of conspiracy? was Google Hacked? Has Google sold out and become a senseless product? The true answer is like any of the other Google Doodles, Google continue to make subtle changes and thus reminding us of important dates, birthdays, and other significant Historical times.

As with the HG Wells Google Doodle or the Google with two “L”, Googlle, to celebrate Google’s own birthday, this Barcode doodle is also a reminder of a Historical event of real significance.

Today is the 57th Anniversary of the original patent for the Barcode, which was created in the US by Joseph Woodland and Bernard Silver. To make things a little more significant in the Doodle, Google’s barcode is 128 encoded in the lines and bars by the use of ASCII…and guess what it means? Google.