Bacon Nativity Scene Looks Delicious!

The Nativity Scene is practically always associated with religion and the story of Jesus, but in this particular remake…it is all about the BACON!

bacon nativity scene

This image from SayUncle presents a very appetizing way of celebrating Christmas time, even though many would probably end up eating the 3 wise men instead of wondering about their words of wisdom.

For other Bacon fun, make sure to check out the Bacon and Email Car, the Bacon Cake or the Bacon Tattoo.

9 thoughts on “Bacon Nativity Scene Looks Delicious!

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  3. John Wiese.

    ….. just my own personal opinion here, but I think they may have stepped over a line. Jesus is the core of our Christian religion, but Christ himself was a Jew. It was against the religion into which Jesus was born to consume any flesh of an unclean animal (pig).

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