Google Feud Uses Search Suggestions for Online Gaming Fun

New browser game ‘Google Feud’ combines Google’s search suggestions with the iconic game show, Family Feud.

Google Feud

If you’ve ever searched for something using Google then you’ve probably made good use of the search engine’s search suggestion feature. When you type in a known phrase or word Google gives you a drop down of the most searched for things relating to it. So, for example when I type in ‘chicken’, the drop down list that comes up includes ‘chicken pox’, ‘chicken recipes’, ‘chicken casserole’ and ‘chicken curry’. That’s handy if you want to know what people are searching for about a particular topic or if you want to find out more about something and don’t know where to start. But how good are you at guessing what those search suggestions will be?

Well, if you’re any good at it you might want to try your hand at a new online browser game called Google Feud. How it works is that you choose a category out of People, Culture, Names and Questions and then the game comes up with a related search. Then, there are 10 spaces on the board for 10 search suggestions that you must guess without getting three strikes. If you get three strikes then you’re out which is disastrous if you’re trying to rack up a high score – every correct answer bags you a certain amount of points, starting with 10,000 for the top answer.

If you do get knocked out though, your points roll over and it gives you an overall score for that game session (it also tells you a score for that individual round). This is a nice little gamified touch but it also means that Google Feud is highly addictive. Also keeping you coming back for more is the fact that the game updates in real time thanks to its use of the Google API. Basically, what this means is that the answers change according to what people are actually searching for so the top answer today may not be the top answer tomorrow or even in a few hours’ time. If you’ve got time to kill, play Google Feud at the source link below.

Source: Google Feud

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