Google Glass To Get Line of Diane von Furstenberg Frames

With Google looking to establish Google Glass as a hi-tech fashion accessory, the search engine giant is teaming up with fashion brand Diane von Furstenberg.

Google Glass shades

According to many of those who are skeptic about Google Glass, Google’s upcoming hi-tech eyewear device, “Glass is a gimmick”, but according to fashion powerhouse Diane von Furstenberg, “technology is your best accessory”. Unfortunately for those who aren’t so interested in Google’s wearable project, DVF wins this battle between the two opinions, with Google using her words to explain the brand new partnership between the clothing brand and themselves as they look to launch a line of Google Glass DVF frames and shades.

As Google explains in a recent post on their Google Plus profile (where else),

“Today we’re announcing the DVF | Made for Glass collection, a collaboration that brings chic eyewear designs by iconic American fashion designer Diane von Furstenberg to the Glass Explorer Program. These new designs build on the style choices we gave Explorers when we launched the Titanium Collection in January.”

With the DVF | Made For Glass collection, Google will make several instances of high fashion Google Glass frames available to those looking to wear the augmented reality specs with style. There will be five new frames for buyers to choose from and for those who are looking to wear their Google Glass device in the sunniest of weather, there are also eight new styles of shades to choose from too.

In order to get your hands on the frames, Google say that the collection will be available from June 23rd though if you’re looking to walk into your favourite local clothes or gadget store to pick one up then unfortunately they’ll only be available exclusively from either NET-A-PORTER or from Google’s own website It’s unclear as to whether or not Google will sell the frames in more places if sales suggest that people would like to look as good as ever whilst wearing a pair of Google Glass but we’ll keep you posted once we know more.

Source: Google

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