Life-Sized R2-D2 Cake Is Both Geeky & Delicious

Now this is something that would make ole’ Ben Kenobi happy when it comes rushing through his front door. A real, life-sized R2-D2 cake is a feast for the eyes & mouth!


The smallest of robots makes one of the biggest geeky cakes we’ve ever seen. The people from at Cakes Cove are the minds behind this delicious looking masterpiece themed after R2-D2 from Star Wars. They offer their expertise in creating custom cakes for weddings, parties, bar-mitzvahs and anything else you could think of. Delicious, real, moist and delicious cake, at that, no shortcuts or plastic parts.


The size was expertly measured and fits the one seen in the movie, so you know you’d be getting the real deal, as perfect as it gets. The only problem is that if it looks this good, how are you going to be able to eat it? I wouldn’t just chew on a friend…


Source: Geekologie

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