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Google+ Gets (Yet Another) New Redesign

The social network that many people are avoiding just got a new facelift! It now looks as if Facebook and Pinterest had a love affair, but that's not necessarily a bad thing. Google+ also went through a redesign operation last year, but it didn't manage to attract more people after that. Things are about to change, as Google has just introduced some really interesting features. The interface is the most notable change, but this is not the highlight of the update. Google+ can now enhance pictures as soon as they are uploaded. The use of hashtags has been extended, so that relevant links are added automatically to people's updates. In terms of photos, Google+ is the best online companion the desktop app Picasa could ever have. To make sure that your photos make a perfect home out of Google's social network, the company is offering 15GB of cloud storage, unlimited uploads for pictures less than 2048px wide, as well as a full screen picture viewer. Via: The Verge
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