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Standalone Hangouts App for iOS and Android

A while ago, it might have seemed that Google is headed in a hundred different directions, with no convergence anywhere to be seen. There was Google Talk on one side and Google Messenger on another side, while Google Hangouts offered the users of the titan's social network the chance of staying in touch. This is no longer the case, as the three platforms have been unified into a single one: the Hangouts app, which is available on iOS and Android, as well as in the Chrome Store. As if that wasn't enough, the new Hangouts app is also integrated into Gmail, much like the old Gtalk was. A thing that will make conversations on Hangouts less frustrating is the synchronization between the platforms. In other words, a conversation could be started on a device and be continued with no problems whatsoever on a different device, regardless of the operating system. Via: CNET
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