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Send Money from Gmail with Google Wallet

Google intends to give PayPal and other such e-commerce companies a run for their money. What you see in the attached picture is the ability to send money as attachment of a Gmail message. That certainly is a quick way of helping a friend in need or of simply sending someone the payment for some services. This feature isn't offered for free, but it isn't expensive, either. Anyone sending money through Gmail with Google Wallet will have to pay a 2.9% fee (minimum $0.30) for each transaction. Upon receiving money this way, the recipients are free to deposit the sum in their bank account, or they can use it anywhere Google Wallet is accepted as a payment method. There also are some limits to the amounts of money people could send. Daily transactions cannot total more than $10,000, while the transactions made in five consecutive days cannot amount to more than $50,000. Any way you put it, Google Wallet is a far better alternative to PayPal, not to mention that it's more convenient to use. Unfortunately, anyone wanting to use this feature will have to wait a few more months. On top of that, only US citizens aged 18+ will gain access to the Gmail-embedded Google Wallet. Hopefully, this will be implemented at a global scale in the near future. Via: Gmail Blog
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