Google Now comes to iOS in the latest Google app update

Apple users rejoice, Android’s “Google Now” app finally leaves the exclusivity of the play store and makes its way to iOS.


IPhone users who use many of the tools Google offers can finally let go of popular alternatives to Android’s “Google Now” application and get the real deal, as the app has finally made it to Apple’s app store. Popularized in the Jelly Bean release of Google’s mobile platform, the “Now” application allows users to have a one-stop shop for all the information they regularly consult. With built-in functionality for weather verification, appointments, flight tracking, scores from your favorite sports team and more, it’s without a question that iOS users will be switching their apps around this month, in favor of the vastly superior alternative.

While the app functions almost exactly like its Android counterpart, a few functions are desperately missing such as boarding passes, Fandango, concerts and some local events. This comes to no surprise at all since these features are all covered by the iPhone’s passbook application by default, and Apple’s notoriety for squelching competition to its own apps.

With incredibly positive reviews and a skyrocketing amount of downloads, this comes as another mild slap in the face for the Cupertino-based giant, as another Google application takes the spotlight in recent memory. Although the controversy over the removal of Google Maps from the app store in favor of Apple’s built-in maps application ended a while ago, market trends show that Apple users are find themselves slowly trickling to other platforms as innovations from other mobile developers are being put onto the spotlight.

Whether you’re a fan of Apple products or not, it’s refreshing to see Apple adopt a less draconian stance on its app store and allow the users to decide what they prefer to use, not the company releasing their device.

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Source: Wired