Microsoft Re-imagines Its Major Brands: Skype, Bing, Yammer

Microsoft has begun the process of reimagining logos of its various brands.

microsoft logo

Millions of people use Microsoft products and changing logos or re-imagining the way a brand looks and feels is going to be difficult. Thus, the company sought inspiration from Nike, the world’s most recognized sports brand, Microsoft executives felt that Nike’s products can be recognized as belonging to that company even without the Swoosh symbol, because there is just something very-Nike about every Nike product. Windows Phone design studio general manager Albert Shum and Todd Simmons, creative director at Wolff Olins announced that Bing, Skype Yammer and Xbox’s logos would be re-imagined to suit a new world. The logos look flattened and the colors align well with other Microsoft products.

The minimalism and simplicity has been a huge deciding factor for Microsoft to choose its logos. Also, people, reach and choice were three major drivers to design logos. Microsoft’s logos may need to be changed as it has been buying newer companies and turning them into its own brands. Yammer and Skype are particularly popular and re-imagining them has to be done very carefully. If Microsoft chooses the path of Nike in doing so, it really should not be a difficult process to say the least.

If you are a Nike fan and love the company’s sneakers, we have listed a number of them that might interest you. The Nike Air Abuku is one of the best shoes that keep going. Nike had also introduced a Health Watch with GPS for those who are conscious about their health. The Nike+ FuelBand is an amazing way to learn how many calories you have burned. Meanwhile, Microsoft should continue to make its logos simple, attractive and easy to recognize. If it continues to put people first in its design, it will certainly see the progress it wants to see.