Google’s USB-C Titan Security Key Is Available Now

Google's USB-C Titan Security Key

Google announced the latest version of its USB-C Titan Security Key a few days ago. Not so long ago, the first version was launched last year. During this time, Google claimed that the key protected all 85,000 employees of the company from practically all phishing attacks. The USB-C Titan Security Key makes sure that attackers cannot steal credentials and gain access to accounts. The key is required to login to any device, and simply being connected to the internet is enough. 

Why do we need a physical security key in the era of cloud computing?

Studies show an increasing number of people are falling prey to phishing attacks. Using two-factor identification or one-time passwords are just not helpful anymore. In fact, attackers have figured out ways to intercept even SMS, rendering two-factor identification and one-time passwords quite useless. It is with these factors in mind that Google launched the physical security key. Consequently, anyone who needs to access highly vulnerable documents can use this security key. Google’s new security key will help individuals, businesses and employees to access confidential data and documents without creating vulnerabilities. If there were a gadget that 

What are the features of the USB-C Titan Security Key?

  • The key uses cryptography, which makes sure that logging into any account or device is a highly secure process
  • The key does not have a one-time code. This means attackers cannot intercept these codes sent via SMS
  • Initially, the key was available in USB and Bluetooth formats. The latest version comes in NFC format too. 
  • This snazzy key is based on FIDO open standards. Yubico and Google created this together
  • The key is compatible with Windows, macOS, ChromeOS and Android devices

Get the security solution as soon as possible

The USB-C keys will cost $40 and you can purchase them on the Google Store in the US. As the key is part of Google’s Advanced Protection Program, you can rest easy that all your documents and data will be stored safely. You will never have to worry about some random attacker stealing your credentials. If you run a business that handles a large amount of data, you can purchase these keys for all your employees. As a result, you can rest assured that your employees do not create vulnerabilities to any information stored on your systems and devices. To protect yourself and your organization, invest in the keys before they get sold out.